Water – The miracle cure


It’s not a scientists favourite subject. The pseudoscience has been growing in popularity steadily for quite a few years now, it is even available in some NHS hospitals, despite multitudes of studies proving homeopathy to be no better than a placebo. But, with all this evidence, why is homeopathy the growing phenomenon it is?

First, what is homeopathy? Basically, stripped down and without any theatrics, homeopathy is the practice of getting a small vial of water and dripping a single drop of a particular substance in it. This could be plant extract, snake venom, any number of things. The mixture is then carefully shaken, specifically, it is tapped against the edge of an object a preset number of times. A single drop of this is then mixed into another vial of water, and so on until there is nothing but water left. In fact, the final mixture is so diluted, it is the equivalent of dropping a single droplet of the starting substance into the pacific ocean and then collecting a vial of the seawater. At this point nothing but water is left.

So, how does water become a cure that is apparently on par with modern medicine? According to experts, its the tapping that brings out the waters magical healing abilities. You see, homeopaths believe in the ‘memory’ capabilities of water, and by tapping the vial of water, it will remember that it came in contact to the drip of substance and somehow emulate the substance in a healing fashion. The problem is, aside from that water has no ‘memory’ capabilities, that water has touched almost everything over the millennia it has been in the water cycle. What stops the water from ‘remembering’ the glass of the vial, the sand of the beach or the gullet of the animal that it has touched before?

And yet, homeopaths believe that this water can cure many afflictions, from diabetes to osteoporosis. Not factoring in the fact that you don’t need any training to be a homeopath, or that these crucially careful dilutions are often prescribed in a ‘do it yourself’ form, many of these problems are complex. Diabetes, for instance, is caused by the body being unable to create or use insulin. Medicine, after decades of study, has only come to the conclusion of providing insulin. Somehow, homeopathy has decided that water that once touched a drip of Uranium Nitrate is the best cure for diabetes. Why? Because Uranium Nitrate causes sugar in urine, of course! This is because another core belief of homeopathy is that ‘like cures like’. If you have a rash, it can be cured by poison ivy extract because poison ivy causes rashes. If you have arthritis, it can be cured by snake venom because snake venom causes swelling. I hope this is showing exactly how much sense homeopathy makes.

Considering homeopathy is now relied upon as a type of medicine, it would be assuring if the homeopathic doctors themselves required some form of training before they could practice, in the same way that modern doctors have to. But they don’t.

So, with all this evidence, I think www.howdoeshomeopathywork.com states it best. How does homeopathy work?

It doesn’t.

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